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As you've gathered, I'm an artist, I have a foundry and I know sundial theory, so I'm well set up to make sundials. Some are fixed to work at a particular latitude in this case either for Sydney or Melbourne (although by tilting the dial at a given angle, it can be made to work at other Southern Hemisphere latitudes) Others (the ring dial and the moonface dial) are adjustable to work at any latitude and hemisphere. People often buy my sundials as special gifts for spouses, etc. Shown here is my range of standard bronze ones which I have been making over the years in limited numbers. I try to keep most of these in stock all the time. I've also made lots of other one-off designs and created larger ones on commission. Some are stone, some steel, some are still just cardboard prototypes waiting for the chance to be made in something more solid one day
   Large Dial 
(with daylight saving)
Scallop Dial.
Small Dial 
(with daylight saving)
Sydney Dial
Diam: 260mm.
Diam: 225mm.
Diam: 150mm
Diam: 200mm
Click on images 
for large pic
for Melbourne and surrounds
for Melbourne and surrounds
for Melbourne and surrounds
for Sydney and surrounds
$250 $160 $90 $110

Jaipur Dial
Moonface Dial
Analemmatic Dial 
Portable Ring Dial
Height: 220mm
Height: 520mm
210mm  X  290mm
Diam: 100mm
etched brass
adjustable for all areas
Adjustable for all areas
for Melbourne and surrounds
adjustable for all areas

  Small Bell polished 2kg
Small Flared Bell (2kg)
Large Bell (10kg).
Diam: 130mm
Diam: 125 mm
Diam: 230mm
steel bracket costs extra
not always in stock
$160 $125 $450

.Post:  Kim Devenish  PO Box 213 Foster Victoria Australia 3960

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